Wishing Tree


The Woodlawn Wishing Tree welcomes visitors to write a wish and tie it to the tree. Here is a selection of recent wishes:

I wish for my computer and phone back • Get whole  • Free my people  • I wish for a life full of happiness  • Thomas proposes to me this year  • I want my best friend to stay in Prague  • I wish for Belo to beat Cruz in November  •  I wish to see as much of the world as possible  • I wish for a singing unicorn  • A good senior year  • For more beautiful trees like this one  • I wish for my daughters to be healed. I wish to be healthy. To never doubt my choices and always love the small things in life  • I wish for a kind hearted president  • I wish for no violence in schools. No guns in schools  • I wish for health and love  • I wish for a home for all the puppies  • I wish for world peace.  • I wish to gaze forever at the horizon of eternity. • I wish to stay sober and my kids come home to me. • I wish to go back to my family. • I wish to not care about bullshit. • I wish for Robbie to realize what he has done, missed and be apologetic. • I wish to have a dog. • I wish I’d seen a real fairy before. • For healthy and happy family and children. • I wish for people to find self acceptance instead of looking to others to be accepted. • We find a solution for mom and dad. Health and happiness. • I wish for more diversity! • Candy. • I wish to be the change I want to see in the world. • I wish that everybody in the world had enough money and nobody had too much. • I wish our children could grow up in a world free of bullying. • I wish to see everything my mother couldn’t. • I wish for mom and dad to come to terms with things.

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