Moving to Portland Orientation Tour

This is an all day tour designed for people considering a move to Portland as well as new residents who want a good orientation to their new city.

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Excellent & Informative
My spouse and I met Sarah for an all day tour to get acquainted with the neighborhoods within Portland. Sarah was extremely informative in term of demographics, changes that have occurred within each of neighborhoods and probably changes that will occur in the future. Transportation, the micro-community businesses serving the area (i.e. restaurants, micro breweries, stores, etc.) and other things of interest or concern that we wanted to know before starting to focus on which area is of interest to house hunt. There was not a dull moment and there was no way we could have covered so much ground without Sarah. We would even do a repeat to get more detailed. (Michael, Chicago)

Moving to Portland Tour
With plans to relocate to Portland from Seattle, I had stayed with Sarah many times at her fantastic Airbnb. On my first stay, I could tell that Sarah was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about living in Portland, after all, she was a former spokesperson for the City of Portland. I immediately booked a tour with her for my next return trip to Portland. Since I wanted to see as much as possible, Sarah drove me all around the city. I saw and learned so much- from the rapid development and zoning changes that were taking place in the various neighborhoods, to public transportation and pedestrian only areas, to places to eat and take in Portland’s atmosphere, and learned about the wonderful parks in Portland and places to bike ride. Sarah was able to tailor the tour to my specific needs and wants. I feel ready to live here now thanks to Sarah. (Roberta, Seattle)

Moving to Portland Tour
This tour exceeded our expectations and Sarah was absolutely wonder. We had a private tour of the city, driving around each quadrant while she detailed the history, culture, etc. I definitely think it was worth the money as we would not have been able to see as much in as little of time otherwise. (Carly, Albuquerque)

Best Portland Tour Host I Can Imagine
If you want visit Portland and learn about this unique city, I can think of no better guide. In traveling the world, we have encountered a host of people who tell you about their city. Most guides are pretty good, but few we have met have the breadth of knowledge, presentation skills and enthusiasm that Sarah brings to the experience. She has learned the ins and outs of Portland and Nothwest Oregon both as a resident and as a public expert for several government agencies. If I had a friend considering relocating to Portland, I would especially work with Sarah. She knows neighborhoods, transportation and history – all key factors in understanding where you might wish to live. If you are coming to Portland, check out Portland Adventure Tours. You will not be disappointed  (Frank, Portland)

Thanks for Visiting!

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