Explore Portland on an Electric Bicycle!

Ditch the car and see Portland on two wheels like a Portlander! Our city is one of the most bike-friendly cities in America, paved with bicycle paths and routes where cars simply are not allowed to go. Riding a bike around Portland will give you the opportunity to enjoy the best of the city while getting some fresh air and exercise.

Our bike tour will take us in a 15 mile loop through quiet neighborhoods and into downtown Portland, where we will ride along the beautiful Willamette River path. Along the way we will cross bridges and stop to see the sights: views of Mt. Hood, street murals, Saturday Market, food carts, historic buildings, gardens, and more. I use electric bikes for my tours. If you would prefer to ride a regular “pedal” bike, simply let me know!



“This was such a great tour! First, Sarah was wonderful! Engaging, passionate about Portland and so knowledgeable about the area. She’s a very fun person to do this tour with! Second, going on an electric bike was the best! It’s fun and fast and you can enjoy all the nooks and crannies without being exhausted! Because we were on bikes we could see so many things you just can’t while driving a car. I would recommend this for anyone visiting Portland!” (Beth)

My family enjoyed a great e bike ride in Portland guided by Sarah Bott. She was very knowledgeable about the city and entertaining. Sarah took us to a beautiful rose garden and Mississippi street with quaint shops, bars and restaurants as well as the Aidias campus headquarters. The e bikes were fun to ride and a great way to see this very pretty residential and commercial part of Portland. I highly recommend Sarah as a tour guide and the e bike store, which took the time to make sure that we were properly fitted with the right size bikes and were comfortable riding an e bike.” (Rachel)

“Had a great time with Sarah, She definitely knows Portland and those E-Bikes were a fun way to explore the area. I would recommend her tour to anyone.” (Gala)

“Visiting Portland with such a knowledgeable tour guild. Sarah was amazing! The E- bike makes it easy to obtain an authentic perspective of the city. I really felt safe and confortable covering more ground than a trolly or car would provide. By the end of the tour, I felt like I was a native. Best Bike lanes and municipal support for alliterative transportation in the country. E BIKE = ALL ACCESS PASS!” (Reginald)

“Wow! Ok you just gotta do this tour. Does not matter what level biker you are! The e-Bikes are awesome and powerful and will take you all over Portland without excessive strain on joints or spine. They are super comfy with great shock absorption. I want one! More importantly, Sarah wa the bomb! She took us to all of Portland hidden places and even rode under a waterfall! Sarah’s knowledge and fun personality made this tour! I am going to book her again when I have friends in town. Do this tour!!!! You will love it!!” (Rebecca)

“Sarah was knowledgable and shared with us some neighbourhood spots and Portland’s history. To truly explore Portland’s neighbourhoods and bridges – this tour with Sarah would bring you around on an e-bike which allows you to cycle around swiftly in bicycle friendly Portland!” (Trixia)

“The E-bike tour with Sarah was great. She is such a nice person and did a great job showing us Portland by bike. We saw so many different aspects of the city and parts which I would not have visited otherwise. I highly recommended the tour. The e-bikes were great as well – good shop!” (Kerstin)

“Sarah is exceptional!!! She is very knowledgeable, safety conscious, and fun. She’s easy to talk to and great to spend time with. She loves to showcase her city and does it well! We LOVED the Ebikes!!! This was our first experience with them and it won’t be our last! They are very user-friendly! We HIGHLY recommend this tour whether you are a novice or a serious cyclist!” (Kathy)

“Sarah’s tour is a great way to explore the beautiful neighborhoods of Portland. We covered as much ground as we wanted and had time to stop for food and drinks at food trucks. She’s super friendly and energetic and was a great guide!” (Conor)

“Sarah had great energy and gave lots of little tidbits about Portland’s history which I loved. Riding the bike was a breeze and one could cover so much distance with little effort. I actually want to invest in one after the tour. First time visitor to Portland and this tour made me fall in love with the unique character of each neighborhood and it’s charming homes. Don’t hesitate to book, it’s a fantastic way to explore the city and get a more intimate feel. Two thumbs up for Sarah and E-Bikes!” (Lana)

“Sarah is an excellent guide, I felt very safe with her despite the fact that I have never ridden an E-bike before this. Now I want one! Because of the heat & the crazy drivers in Downtown, she wisely decided to avoid it. But I loved seeing all the different neighborhoods, so felt I got my money’s worth. Highly recommended!” (Diane)

“Loved the tour! We had a wonderful time with Sarah exploring Portland on electric bikes. (Believe me, they’re worth it.) Sarah is knowledgeable , personable and fun.” (Teresa)

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