Day Trip: Oregon Coast

A private day trip to the Oregon Coast including visits to the quaint seaside towns of Astoria and Cannon Beach.

Reservations by special appointment. Contact Sarah at:



Epic solo tour around Portland, Mt. Hood, and the Oregon Coast
Sarah has an upbeat and warm personality that I quickly got along with. We first met when I stayed at her Airbnb house on my first night in Portland. I found out that she offered various tours of Portland and other destinations, and I jumped on the chance to book some tours during my Portland stay. She took me on a day tour of the eccentricies and sights of the city of Portland, and among other things piqued my interest in Portland’s great doughnut war (which I explored at much length later on… thank you for that, Sarah)! On our second day, we journeyed along the Columbia River and spent some time in Astoria, and made our way to the Oregon Coast, to Cannon Beach. Lastly, we journeyed up to the Colombia River Gorge and Mt. Hood. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I would recommend Sarah’s tours to everyone visiting Portland. She has a lot to offer travelers and newbies to the area! (Jason, Connecticut)

Thanks for Visiting!

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